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Going through life without insurance is like doing a stunt on a flying trapeze without a safety net to catch you in case you fall.

Insurance, whether in the form of auto, homeowners, life or any of the many other types available, provides a financial safety net for policyholders should the unexpected occur.

Nobody expects to be in a car accident or have their home burn down, but it can happen. Having a plan in place allows you to rest easy, knowing that if the unexpected does occur, you will be OK.

Two Important Types of Policies to Have

So how does a consumer know what are the most important policies to carry? Among the many offerings, two of the most important are auto and homeowners/renters insurance.

Auto Coverage

As the name indicates, auto policies provide coverage related to the consumer's vehicle.

When shopping for auto protection, there are five primary types of protection of which you should be aware:

  • Bodily injury, which looks after costs related to other injured drivers and passengers if the policyholder is at fault for an accident.
  • Liability, which looks after costs related to damages to another person's property stemming from a vehicular accident.
  • Collision, which covers costs related to damages to the consumer's vehicle caused by another vehicle.
  • Comprehensive, which concerns costs related to damages to the consumer's vehicle caused by a non-vehicular incident, such as a fire or theft.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist, which looks after costs related to a vehicular accident in which the other driver does not have insurance or the driver's coverage is insufficient to take care of the total costs.

Some other auto policy options can include rental car coverage and towing and labor coverage.

Homeowners and Renters Offerings

Homeowners policies offer protection related to damages to a policyholder's home or personal property. Renters is similar to homeowners in that it looks after damages to a policyholder's personal property.

A standard homeowners plan provides:

  • Coverage of damages to the structure of the consumer's home.
  • Coverage of damages to the individual's personal property, whether located in the home or not.
  • Liability coverage if the individual or a member of the individual's family is sued by another party.
  • Looks after additional living expenses if the consumer is unable to live in his or her residence during repairs.

While a renters policy does not include damages to the structure of the individual's residence, it does provide personal property and liability coverage.

There are different levels of homeowners policies, each looking after different perils that can occur, such as a fire or winds storm. In order to receive peace of mind, the damage in question must be related to one of the plan's included perils.

Finding the Best Rates

The best step to take when looking for affordable premiums is to shop around. By obtaining multiple quotes, you can compare the details of many different policies in order to find the best plan to fit your life and your budget. also contains additional advice.

To obtain rapid quotes, simply take a moment to complete our secure online form. You then will receive numerous pricing estimates that you can compare.

In addition to comparing multiple quotes, examining available discounts can save you money on premiums as well. Most insurance policies provide several discounts to help make carrying a policy more affordable.

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